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15 resistance genes are found

Gene IDGene TypeResistance ProfileDescription
ZP_03564584ermalincosamide; macrolide; streptogramin_b; rRNA adenine N-6-methyltransferase, which can methylate adenine at position 2058 of 23S rRNA, conferring resistance to erythromycin.

ZP_03565392bacabacitracin; Undecaprenyl pyrophosphate phosphatase, which consists in the sequestration of Undecaprenyl pyrophosphate.

ZP_03566720tet38tetracycline; Major facilitator superfamily transporter, tetracycline efflux pump.


ZP_03565163mepatigecycline; Multi antimicrobial extrusion (MATE) efflux family protein. Multidrug resistance efflux pump.

ZP_03565999mecabeta_lactam; Penicillin binding protein, which has a low affinity for beta-lactams and catalyze a penicillin-insensitive transpeptidation.

ZP_03565998mecr1methicillin; Methicillin-resistance regulatory protein for mecA

ZP_03565760fosbfosfomycin; Glutathione transferase, metalloglutathione transferase which confers resistance to fosfomycin by catalyzing the addition of glutathione to fosfomycin

ZP_03565074blebleomycin; Binding protein with a strong affinity to the bleomycin family of antibiotics, which confers resistance to these antibiotics by preventing the bleomycin-induced DNA breakage

ZP_03565866tetmtetracycline; Ribosomal protection protein, which protects ribosome from the translation inhibition of tetracycline.

ZP_03567132qacaqa_compound; Multidrug efflux pump from bacterial pathogen staphylococcus aureus. Including QacA and QacB, both of which confer resistance to various toxic organic cations but differ in that QacB mediates lower levels of resistance to divalent cations. They differed by seven nucleotide subsititutions.

ZP_03565073aaddkanamycin; tobramycin; Aminoglycoside O-nucleotidylyltransferase, which modifies aminoglycosides by adenylylation.

ZP_03566649aac6ieamikacin; dibekacin; isepamicin; netilmicin; sisomicin; tobramycin; Aminoglycoside N-acetyltransferase, which modifies aminoglycosides by acetylation.

ZP_03566208bl2a_pcpenicillin; Class A beta-lactamase. This enzyme breaks the beta-lactam antibiotic ring open and deactivates the molecule's antibacterial properites.

ZP_03564583aad9ibspectomycin; streptomycin; Aminoglycoside O-nucleotidylyltransferase, which modifies aminoglycosides by adenylylation.