ARDB-Antibiotic Resistance Genes Database


Multiple Sequences Annotation (Maximum: 5000 Sequences in FASTA format)

This function allows the user to annotate multipl genes at once by uploading the multi-FASTA sequences file, and click the "Annotate" button. If you are also interested in compare the annotated resistance profile of your uploaded sequenced with other pre-annoated bacteria genomes, refer to the second part of this webpage.

Output View
Percent Identity
Load FASTA format sequences file from disk
(Note: Less than 5000 sequences. If you need to annotate more than 5000, please contact us.)

Multiple Sequences Annotation and Resistance Profiles Comparision with Other Sequenced Genomes

If you want to compare the resistance profile of your uploaded multi-FASTA sequences (such as a newly sequenced genome) with that of other already sequenced genomes (pre-annotated). You can first load your file in the first part of the webpage, then select the genomes that your are interested in from the left list box, and add them into the right list box. Then click the "Annotate and Compare" button.

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